Sacraments of Service


Marriage in the church is a partnership of life and love between a husband and wife and Christ. Marriage is a symbol, a making present, of the love of God for his people, of the love of Christ for his Church. Marriage is a beautiful reality. Those seeking marriage should contact the pastor at least 6 months in advance their anticipated wedding date to allow for proper preparation time. Please do not schedule a date for your wedding before meeting with the pastor. 

Holy Orders

All Christians share in the common priesthood of the faithful, a sharing in the priesthood of Christ. However, there is also a ministerial priesthood that certain members of the church receive through the sacrament of Holy Orders. Bishops, priests and deacons receive this sacrament. They are set aside in the community to help give it order and continuity, continuing the work of Christ here on earth.

If anyone is interested in the priesthood or religious life as a brother or sister, contact the pastor and he will put in contact with the proper vocations director.