PSR classes collect pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House

Posted on August 31, 2021 in: General News

PSR classes collect pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House

For the last two years, the 4th grade PSR classes have led the service project to collect pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House. The goal was to help teach the students about service to others as a part of the Corporal Works of Mercy and our faith. The initial plan was to take each class down to the house to take a tour and turn in their tabs. This would give the youth an opportunity to learn about what the House is and how it serves families while their loved ones are hospitalized.  As with everything else in the last year and a half, COVID has gotten in the way of our planned visitation.

Recently, Andrea and Mark Holland, our 4th grade teachers, took the current collection of tabs to the house near Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus. During the visit they had an opportunity to learn a bit more about the facility.  Up until this past Spring, it was the largest Ronald McDonald house in the world, however an expansion to the Cincinnati house surpassed it. Columbus does have an expansion planned the will put it back on top :) The pop tabs help with a big chunk of the Columbus facility's utility cost each year.

Click below to watch the video. 

The house offers a a home away from home for families with a child in any of the Columbus hospitals who would normally have to pay for a hotel or have a long commute, per the house guidelines, anyone outside a 35 mile radius of Columbus. For more information about the house and their activities you can visit

The tabs are just one opportunity to help the house run and support families during a trying time. If you are interested in other ways to help (including becoming a volunteer) you can visit There are plenty of ways to help.  

The 2021-2022 PSR year starts September 12th and our 4th graders will be collecting tabs again this year. If you know a 4th grade student please be sure to help fill their house (over and over again). If you don’t know a 4th grade student that’s ok, Andrea and Mark will gladly accept your tabs directly or you can drop them off in the 4th grade classroom (Room 5) on the cabinet. 

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