Our parish DMI survey results are in!

Posted on June 27, 2021 in: General News

Our parish DMI survey results are in!

During Lent earlier this year, Bishop Brennan asked each Parish in the diocese to participate in the Disciple Maker Index survey as part of the Real Presence, Real Future initiative. Hopefully you had a chance to take the survey. Thank you to all of you who did!

Click here to see a summary of our parish results. Click here to see a summary of the diocese results.

Since the survey, our Ascension Real Presence, Real Future planning team has participated in three different webinars led by the Catholic Leadership Institute to understand the process and ask questions. They also reviewed the current landscape information about our parish to better understand where we are today, and get an idea where the population trends and demographics of Johnstown and the surrounding area might be headed.

The Survey Results

As the team, along with Father Ghiloni, they reviewed the survey results to determine our strengths as a parish and our biggest opportunities for improvement.

We had 100 people out of 430 total registered adults complete the survey. That represents 23% of the Parish.

What stood out as our strengths were our beliefs:  

  • 93% of us believe Jesus died and rose again
  • 87% of us believe the Eucharist is the body and blood of Christ
  • 91% of us believe scripture is the word of God

That’s impressive! And it’s a testament to our faith community.

Where we have the biggest opportunity for growth is sharing our faith.

  • The results said that most of us rarely, if ever, invite someone to Mass or a parish activity.

So, while our beliefs are strong, we often don’t share them with others. As the team dug into these results a bit further, a couple other interesting results jumped out.

  • 75% of us are growing spiritually and would like to continue growing.
  • And most of us are attending Mass weekly but far fewer of us regularly participate in Catholic devotions, go to confession or attend adoration.


So what does all of this tell us? Overall the survey results suggest that many of us want to grow spiritually, but we don’t always use, or feel like we have access to, the tools or practices needed to grow.

But if we cultivate our desire for spiritual growth, building on our strong beliefs, we will likely feel more confident to share our faith with others.

Over the next few months the Real Presence, Real Future team in partnership with Fr Ghiloni and Fr Smith, will look into ways our Parish can have access to more opportunities for us to strengthen our faith, put our beliefs into practice, and share the faith with others.

Please keep the team, and our Parish, in your prayers. And be sure to watch for more updates and opportunities to share your feedback in the coming months.

This is an exciting time of growth for us, and these results are helping to point us in the right direction for our future.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to any member of the Real Presence, Real Future team.

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