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Knights of Columbus

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Knights of Columbus


What is the Knights of Columbus?

The Knights of Columbus is a non-profit Catholic Gentleman, Family, Fraternal, and Service Organization, which was founded by Father Michael J. McGivney in 1882. It has been serving the Church and Community through volunteerism and financial aid for 139 years. The principals of our order are: Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism.

What do the Knights of Columbus do?

As the first principal of our order, Charity is also one of our foremost purposes. By volunteering our time, manpower, skills and financial aid, we support our church and community. On a national scale, the K of C donates over 50 million man-hours and 100 million dollars annually to charitable works. The Knights are also strong supporters of the mentally and physically handicapped, the needy of the community, our youth, veterans, God, Country, and the Right to Life.

On the local level, we have several fundraisers and fun activities each year with our families and/or fellow parishioners, e.g. Dinners, Holiday celebrations, Picnics, Youth activities, etc.

Our council meets every second and fourth Wednesday of the month in room 3 A, B at 7:00 pm. 

Who can be a Knight?

Any practicing Catholic male 18 years of age or over, in good standing with the Holy See not only can, but should be a Knight. Our Pastor, Fr. Mark Ghiloni, our council's Chaplain, Deacon Byron Phillips, Bishop Brennan and the Holy Father, who regards the Knights as the "Right Arm of the Church", encourage membership.

 Why be a Knight?

Good things grow in the Knights of Columbus. Your faith, your respect for life and your fellow man, your list of friends, your involvement in Church and community. Membership in the Knights also provides you with a free insurance policy and the opportunity to purchase great insurance available only to Knights. The Church and Community need the Knights of Columbus. The Knights of Columbus needs you.

 How do I become a Knight?

You can now become a Knight via the World Wide Web, go to the website below to learn more and join online. Just enter Ascension Council 4324 when asked for specific council information. You can also ask any member of the Knights to supply you with a membership application (Form 100) and/or invite you to one of our meetings to see for yourself what the Knights are all about. For more information on the Knights of Columbus visit the Knights of Columbus website

Please visit the Ascension Knights Facebook page at 

Alternatively, contact our Membership Director, Richard (Bubby) Eichner at (740) 973-4256 or our Grand Knight Michael (Mike) Dunfee at (614) 432-0656.

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