From Our Pastor


July 24, 2020

Dear Parishioner,

Hello everyone!  It's been quite a while since I have sent an email.  I have not been feeling well for a while.  Several procedures for back pain plus another trip to Riverside Hospital a week ago today for a catheter ablation of the upper chamber of my heart to control my atrial fibrillation.  These procedures have taken their toll on me but in the end they are helping me to get better.  So I have not had a lot of energy lately to do more than the necessary tasks.  I hope to be getting my energy back soon.  I appreciate all of your prayers,
The parish Leadership Team and myself are working on a plan to get back to the normal Mass Schedule for the weekend.  However, how we do our religion program for our young folks has to be worked out first.  So  a survey has gone out to parents and to religion teachers, catechists, to get some ideas.  So it is all a work in progress.  Right now, we are still able to take care of everyone who is coming to Mass within the two Mass times.  Some are choosing to come through the week to a daily Mass, which is fine.  Some are still not comfortable coming to church yet and I totally understand that.  After what I have been through recently, medically speaking, I know even more what it is to be high risk.  So some are continuing to livestream.  
I am told that the priests will receive a letter from Bishop Brennan soon on how we will celebrate the sacrament of confirmation.  My guess is that the bishop will delegate the pastors to confirm.  If that be the case, we will get busy scheduling several sessions for confirmation, as we did for First Communion.  Because of the size of the class and the small space we have in church with social distancing, we will need to have several celebrations.
Licking County was deemed a red county last week.  So the Ohio Board of Health and the Governor, has ordered all to wear masks when inside buildings in our county, including churches.  I know that most of you have been abiding by this rule since we opened church back up.  I know there are a few people who cannot wear a mask for health reasons.  That is understandable.  Please continue to wear a mask properly.  If you have chosen not to wear a mask I would ask that you reconsider.  When this whole pandemic began, I asked that we all practice patience and charity.  Well, wearing a mask is practicing both toward our brothers and sisters.  I, personally, am not comfortable being around people not wearing masks when I go out in public.  My doctors have assured me that I am not safe in those situations.  For that reason, I will no longer be greeting people outside after Mass.  I realize we all want to take off our masks when we get outside, which is normal, as long as we practice social distancing.  I can't wait to take mine off either.  If anyone would like to speak with me after Mass I will be in the sacristy or my office.  I just ask that you wear a mask.
Also, the diocese has mandated that if any meetings are held in the church building, masks must be worn.  Staff is required to wear masks as well unless alone at their desks.  If people want to meet out in the pavilion, they may meet without masks as long as social distancing is practiced.  But that only applies to meeting outside.  
I keep you all in my prayers and appreciate your prayers for me.  I want to thank Valerie Tanner for taking on the seating scheduling for each Mass.  Also thank you to all who are helping with ushering, reading, eucharistic ministry, and sanitizing the church after Masses.
May God continue to bless us all and our community.
In Christ,
Fr. Mark Ghiloni